What is DIMMO Online Mart?

DIMMO Online Mart is your one-stop shopping centre that brings the shopping experience right to your door step across Nigeria. We deliver same day for your perishable/ frozen foods and 3-6 working days for other products.

How does DIMMO Online Mart operate?

  • You shop for your product online, make payment, and choose your method of delivery
  • Your DIMMO Online Mart personal shopper shops for your groceries then delivers to your home or office
  • Your DIMMO Online Mart personal shopper will call or text you with any questions and update you on the status of your delivery

Do I need an account to see the available items to shop online?

NO, you don’t need any account to explore the items on our online store.

What if I have a problem with any order, have a question about charges or wish to return something?

All returns, order questions, price inquires, delivery question and receipt request are handled by DIMMO Online Mart Customer Support Department (attach a phone number or email address)

How do I search for products?

To search for product, type your search query into the search box

What is the ordering process?

How do I create an account with DIMMO Online Mart?

You can create an account at the end of your first purchase or by clicking on the ‘’Create an Account’’ link at the top bar

Can I cancel my order before I make payment?

YES! All you need do is to go to your shopping cart where you will be able to make payment or cancel your order. However, we cannot give refunds once your payment has been verified.

What are the delivery days and time?

At DIMMO Online Mart, we deliver every day of the week.

NOTE: Delivery on Monday through Saturdays is between 9am to 5pm and Sundays 2pm to 6pm.

What are the charges on delivery?

Delivery rate is determined by location or shipping method.

NOTE: Delivery rate could also be determined by the volume of item(s) purchased

Can I change my shipping address?

This is very possible as the last used shipping address is saved into your DIMMO Online Mart account. At the point of checking out your order, the default shipping address will be displayed and you have the option to make a change if need be.

What happens when delivery goes wrong? (Damaged)

We hold our customer satisfaction in high esteem, therefore, any damaged item will be looked into with a proof (picture) provided by the customer.

Can I get refunds?

Are there any restrictions in delivery service?

There are no restrictions. That is, there is no minimum order for our grocery delivery service.

How can I get receipt for my purchase?

Receipts well be sent to your email and a copy will be handed over to you at the point of delivery.

What are the available payment methods?

Can I track my order?

A tracking code of the shipment will be sent when the parcel has been sent out.

Do ordered items reflect exactly what will be received?

Most items will reflect exactly what has been ordered except there is a change in the design or packaging by the manufacturer.